"A manager sets objectives – a manager organizes – a manager motivates and communicates – a manager, by establishing yardsticks, measures – a manager develops people."
Peter Drucker, The Practice of Management

The purpose of the Management Department is to teach our students the knowledge and skills that will enable them to become successful managers in the global economy. Good managers work productively with other people, building and coordinating capable teams and mentoring individuals. They seek solutions for organizational, technological, or industry problems, and cultivate new opportunities. They master the processes and procedures of their organization and ensure compliance with legal, professional, and ethical standards. They assume the challenges and responsibilities of leadership, and enjoy its rewards. Management education seeks to prepare you to do all these things and pursue a career as a manager in business, government, or non-profit organizations.

Management Concentrations

The Department of Management offers undergraduate concentrations in three areas:

  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • International Business

Additionally, students pursuing their MBA can choose to concentrate in either Management or Entrepreneurship. Leadership and team work – two vital aspects of all organizations – are the focus of both our undergraduate General Management specialty area and MBA Management concentration. In the undergraduate Human Resource specialty area, students are prepared to become human resource experts responsible for selecting, training, and evaluating employees. In our nationally-recognized Entrepreneurship program, the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship, we help students develop the knowledge and aptitudes needed to launch and grow a new business. And in our International Business concentration, students who desire to work abroad learn essential management concepts and skills unique to the international business environment.